Social Worker - Team Manager Children

Location Sefton
Salary £29.11 per hour
To manage, develop and lead a Social Work Team service in order to deliver high quality services that address the needs of children/young people and their families and lead to improved outcomes. To achieve value for money in the way services are delivered. To ensure the Council meets its statutory obligations.

To be responsible for key decision making in relation to resource allocation, service delivery and all day to day or operational matters.

  1. Allocate work to staff members in accordance with the statutory framework and agreed policies and procedures; to ensure that this work is carried out in an appropriate professional manner and that the quality of work is audited in line with the department’s quality assurance framework.
  2. Be responsible for the management of the team ensuring that resources are used to optimum efficiency including the allocation of work, provision of services and closure of work.
  3. Manage and monitor the work of the team through regular and effective supervision in accordance with the Council’s supervision policy. To identify the training and development needs of team members and be accountable for the quality of the work of individuals and the team.
  4. Operate a Workload Management Scheme and establish priorities for work within departmental guidelines, Authority policies and statutory obligations.
  5. Assist with, or as delegated take responsibility for, staff selection procedures and appointments.
  6. Be responsible for all matters of discipline and performance of team members as delegated
  7. Ensure that team members are kept fully abreast of all relevant new legislation, guidance, research and departmental policy and procedures and the implication for practice
  8. Chair and attend reviews and care planning meetings in line with departmental procedures and where appropriate.
  9. Take responsibility for high standard records and provide statistical and performance management information relating to the work of the team as required, including the use of information technology systems where appropriate.
  10. Formulate, maintain and review professional objectives for the Team in the light of changing demands and available resources and implement an action plan in partnership with the relevant Service Manager.
  11. Act as part of the Management Team of the Service/Area and contribute to the strategic policy developments within the Department.
  12. Deputise for the Service Manager as appropriate.
  13. Be responsible for delegated or devolved budgets