Team Manager-Learning Disability Adults

Location Southampton
Salary £23.00 - £25.05 per hour
1. To assist in monitoring and assessing quality of services, in formulating strategies for quality assurance and in developing self-auditing systems for all aspects of service delivery.
2. To ensure the service is operated in line with the CQC guide lines and is to the same standard as a domiciliary care service.
3. Understand and promote the use of direct payments for individuals within SDS (whilst understanding SDS cannot receive payments via DP for Day services)
4. To ensure the service is working in accordance to the care act guidelines and has its ethos at the core of all its practices.
5. Understand and enforce the SHIP safeguarding policy ensuring all staff are aware of their roles within it.
6. To ensure that Staff Appraisals and Staff Supervision for personnel are operational and effective, delegating responsibilities for their implementation as appropriate.
7. To develop and promote sport focused therapy in line with the MATP and Special Olympics to encourage individuals with complex needs to improve their motor coordination through the sports focus approach.

8. To assess staffing requirements for the unit, taking in to account the skill, qualification and experience requirements of posts and unit needs. Facilitate the development of staff by delegating appropriate duties, roles and responsibilities and arranging appropriate training.
9. Liaise and manage supervisory staff.
10. To write develop and use the annual business plans as a way of setting targets and goals for the team to work towards.
11. To communicate issues, individual as well as team training requirements to management, and offer motivation, support, advice and guidance to staff
12. To assist in the assessment and support of employees / students undergoing training.
13. To disseminate information regularly to all personnel.
14. To consult the staff team on a regular basis in order to assess team and individual needs ensuring that staff meetings / briefing sessions are conducted on a regular basis, issues recorded and communicated to management .
15. Manage day to day staffing issues in line with SCC Policies and Procedures, to include: