Social Worker Team Manager

Location Cardiff
Salary £39.00 - £42.10 per hour
An exciting opportunity has arisen to join the management team with Cardiff East Locality as the outgoing Team Manager.
The team is led by an experienced permanent Operational Manager and you will join three established team managers to complete the team. You will succeed the outgoing manager who seeks new challenges but will remain working within the service.
Joining the team you will offer leadership to a team of social workers and support staff and two Principal Social workers. The Principal Social Worker will assist you in supervising staff and deputising. Your appointment will allow us to make the final step in our Locality model and enable us to work within school cluster areas closely aligned with the communities and other professionals that serve those communities. It is anticipated that this close network of professionals working with the community will create a virtual ‘village within the city’ to support all children in the community to thrive.
Within the team's geographical area you will support children and young people through robust assessment, outcome focused care planning and effective intervention to support them in achieving positive outcomes within their families and communities. Working within a restorative practice approach, you will work in partnership with families and multi-agency colleagues in intervening to address both the presenting concerns and underlying difficulties.
This is an exciting opportunity to join the service which puts the individual at the heart of our work. The teams work from a strengths-based approach utilising models such as Signs of Safety and Reunification Framework to guide practice and meet the needs of young people and their families.
We have a diverse variety of casework, individual, dedicated and regular senior management support alongside progression opportunities for the successful candidates.
The successful candidate will model the Signs of Safety approach, and will be
responsible for ensuring an excellent standard of work practice exists within the teams, and to maintain and develop knowledge of research, practice developments, new initiatives and procedures and to utilise these in supervision and when planning for children.
You will need to be a registered Social Worker, as well as significant experience in a Targeted Services environment with staff and student supervision. You will be a good team player, and have excellent communication and organisation skills.