Supervising Social Worker - Childrens Assessment and Protection

Location Somerset
Salary £33 - £38.01 per hour
Supervising Social Worker - Assessment & Supervision Common Elements of the Assignment 1. Make on-going assessments of prospective carers to reflect individual circumstances including assessment of risk and capability and the need to ensure that children & young people and carers are protected from harm. 2. Risk assessment of carers and their households to ensure children and young people are protected. Where required ensure the annual review of carer households and that health and safety checks, safe care policies and DBS checks are updated in line with regulation and service requirements. 3. Undertake statutory and best practice reviews and ensure compliance with relevant legislation, policy and procedures. 4. Supervision of carers to ensure children are safe and achieve their potential. 5. Prepare and present reports as necessary to facilitate decision making about carers and children & young people and to provide effective quality assurance. 6. Provide information, written assessments, statements, reports verbally and in writing to complete assessments and statutory reviews of prospective carers, care planning meeting, formal Panels and reviews of Children Looked After. 7. Maintain file records and supervision records relating to carers to a high standard in accordance with relevant legislation, policy and procedures. 8. Contribute to the development of recruitment, training and assessments activities for prospective carers. Undertake assessments of prospective carers and make presentations to formal Panels as required. 9. Support post approval training and support carers to complete progression standard activities where required and with other aspects of development as a carer. 10. Participate in a duty system to identify placements and support placement stability. The assignment requires effective working relationships with: • Children, young people, carers and families. • Professional colleagues, partner agencies, representatives of the independent and voluntary sectors. • Schools, colleges, Early Years providers, health services, police, housing services, etc.