Supervised Contact Worker

Location Bromley
Salary £13 - £14.50 per hour
To provide a consistent service to families with the aim of achieving high quality contact between children and their families, either within our Contact Centres/ Children and Family Centres or in the local community, and occasionally in the family home.

Main duties will include: -
  • Observing and supervising contact between children and family members, or friends
  • Ensuring harmful or abusive contact is recognised and that steps are taken immediately to reduce or remove any harm or abuse
  • Recording and reporting on the observations / interventions within the contact to support social workers and other professionals in their work and improve the child/family experience
  • Appropriate setting up and packing away the area used for contact
  • Building a professional working relationship with families, professionals and the team to ensure children / young people / families receive a positive experience throughout the process
Seeking feedback from children, young people and families to improve their experience and shape the Service’s operation.

  1. To facilitate and supervise contact at a variety of venues to meet the needs of the families whilst ensuring that the space and equipment meets the needs of the child/ren.
  1. To complete detailed reports from notes taken during contact supervision providing evidence of attachment and general parenting ability, suitable for submission in Court Proceedings.
  1. To recognise any risks or harm and intervene appropriately to de-escalate the risks or bring in additional support as required to safeguard the children.
  1. Ensure at all times that the child/young person’s safety and well-being are paramount.  In accordance with policy and procedure take appropriate action to protect children’s safety, intervening where this is threatened and terminating the contact if deemed necessary.
  1. Take responsibility for carrying out Health and Safety Procedure, as it applies to self, other staff and service user.
  1. To attend meetings such as conferences, LAC Reviews or court proceedings as and when required.
  1. Be able to identify the parents learning style so that you can role model or assist them to provide quality contact, setting up routines, appropriate boundaries and providing stimulation for their children.  Monitoring, assessing and evidencing their ability to sustain any changes.
  1. To participate in ‘set-up’ meetings to ensure parents and children are made aware of the need to be respectful of all centre users including staff, as well as the toys & equipment therein.