Specialist Social Worker - Childrens Point of Access Team

Location Wrexham
Salary £30 - £32.20 per hour
This is for a social worker who will be working with parents where mental health is a concern; it is based on the Children's Single Point of Access Team (front door) so the social worker will be office based completing work over the phone. The social worker will have experience in working with children's safeguarding and also with mental health.
The role will include identifying referrals in which mental health features as an issue. The social worker will contact parents and carers to advise and to signpost to appropriate mental health and wellbeing services and will complete SPOA Assessments (by phone); this will include having a ‘What Matters’ conversation and will take into consideration the history and risks to the children. The social worker will also liaise with other agencies and take the lead in liaising with mental health and wellbeing services.