Social Worker Transittions

Location Southwark
Salary £25.27 - £27.87 per hour
Candidate must have had both Covid Vaccines to be compliant with the Governments Social Care requirements from the 11th November 2021.

The All Age Disability Service (0-25) service provides a comprehensive and
integrated social care pathway for children and young people with Learning
Disabilities and other disabilities from childhood into adolescence and on into
adulthood through a seamless care pathway.
To be responsible for providing comprehensive and effective integrated social
work service to respond to the needs of children and young people with
Learning Disabilities and other disabilities in accordance with Children’s and
Adults’ legislation, departmental policies and practice.
To undertake strength based social care assessments, determining the need
of an individual and producing outcome focussed support plans. Ensuring
focused interventions are delivered to safeguard children and young people
and promote independence, positive outcomes and promote the use of
assistive technology.
Principle Accountabilities
1. Provide focused and purposeful social work interventions, including
dealing with a wide range of problems presented by children and young
people facing crisis.
2. To take responsive action in accordance with the statutory provision and
departmental policy/practice to ensure that individual needs are met.
3. To work within a systemic framework to provide a comprehensive and
effective integrated social work service to respond to the needs of
children and their families in a timely manner.
4. To be responsible for decisions on the assessment of individual needs
and the provision of services at individual customer level. Decisions may
have implications on the short and long term future of customers.
5. To ensure the co-ordination and completion of a strength based
approach to assessment, the completion of outcome focussed support
plans, to support individuals to be active and engaged within their local
community and maximise their independence.
6. Work directly with service users and their families and/or carers
undertaking clear and accurate strength based assessments, undertake
interviews and observations and gather information to capture their voice
and that of their family and/or carer.
7. Use a variety of professional skills, including consultation (i.e. pre-referral
work), identification, assessment, intervention planning / delivery, review,
etc. to (a) promote effective partnerships between service users, their
parents and practitioners who work with them and (b) achieve positive
outcomes for vulnerable children, young people, adults and
8. On the basis of assessed needs and risks, devise, implement and review
outcome focussed care plans, including the development and
management of protection plans within a child protection framework.
9. Manage a caseload of children and adults (0-25) as directed and
organise and plan work activities prioritising tasks and responsibilities
within appropriate statutory timeframes.
10. Ensure that statutory responsibilities are undertaken; including visiting,
arranging reviews, reporting to the court. Delivering within timescales
and meeting any other departmental or national performance targets.
11. Use Social Work expertise to provide reflective case discussion with
practitioners and, if appropriate group work or other Social Work
services, to individuals, families and other groups.
12. To work closely with other Departments, statutory and independent
agencies to meet the complex needs of service users and families/carers
within the community.
13. To establish, build links and support local groups, customer
representatives, and other local resources which provide informal
networks of care.
14. Provide written and verbal reports, that are concise, informative, based
on analysis of complex evidence and which make cogent arguments
based on evidence.
15. Establish a rapport and build and maintain a professional, respectful and
honest relationship with the service user and their family/carer to develop
trust and assist in safeguarding and promoting positive and timely
16. Maintain case records and management information on appropriate
systems, ensuring that case files and all administrative related to the
social work function are organised and up to date.