Social Worker-Team Manager-Adults

Location Camden
Salary £27.62 - £29.82 per hour
To lead the operation to develop and sustain a service designed to help customers resolve their problems and live a good quality life. To develop and evaluate work with other team managers to ensure the right level of skills and resources are available on a day-to-day basis to provide high quality services to customers.

  • To manage the team in accordance with the purpose and operating principles of the service and organisational policies and procedures.
  • To establish and maintain mechanisms that enable their teams to monitor capability in meeting purpose including caseload management of individual’s members of staff.
  • To manage a team of mixed professionals and ensure they have the right support and build strong relationships with specialists, support groups and networks to strengthen support available to customers and their families. 
    • Working with service managers to develop, measure, report and act upon key measures of performance. These should facilitate an understanding of the flow of the work, value and failure work and budget and financial monitoring to drive continuous improvement. 
    • To lead the development of self-directed/managed teams by creating an enabling and learning environment in which employees understand how the performance of the service as a system and can do their best work.
    • To work with other managers to ensure that locality teams do not function in isolation from each other or the rest of the service.
    • To continue to develop a “whole service’ approach to the work, taking responsibility to establish excellent working relationships with other agencies and partners.
    • To be alert to system conditions that create waste and develop effective working relationships with senior managers to help remove them.
    • To promote and embed a culture of continuous learning and collaborative working with colleague team leaders and other (internal and external) partners within the service via regular review of practice, active promotion of choice & control for all customers within an appropriate risk management framework.
    • To undertake Safeguarding Adult Manager responsibilities.
    • To undertake the role of Duty Manager
    • To sit on funding panels as required (e.g. QAP)