Social Worker - Team Manager - Childrens-MM2

Location Enfield, Greater London, England
Salary £33.51 - £35.80 per hour

  1.       To manage the effective delivery of the specified service and ensure children remain safe.
  1.       To work closely with managers across functions to ensure an integrated strategic approach and to work in partnership.
  1.       To contribute to the development and implementation of the Group’s service strategy, its performance and in its contribution to the Council’s objectives.
  1.       To maintain the development and implementation of a positive performance management culture within the Group.
  1.       To manage within a quality and equalities framework based on Council policy and performance targets, professional standards and best practice.  Contribute to the development and delivery of services in a manner that reflects the diversity of the Group’s users and staff.
  1.       To manage within a cash limited budget and adhere strictly to the Councils standing orders and financial regulations.
  1.       To work in partnership with other council groups, external agencies and organisations and the voluntary sector.