Social Worker Team Manager

Location Liverpool
Salary £30.00 - £33.50 per hour
Team Manager is required within Early Help to support the running of the Early Help hubs.
The Team Manager is accountable and responsible for:
Managing people
• Health and safety, Recruitment, Staff development, Induction, Planning for training,
Attendance at work, sickness absence monitoring and management, discipline and
grievance, performance management, the investigation of complaints and exit interviews.
• Creating a safe and positive work environment free from bullying and harassment and to
promote Family friendly policies.
• Ensuring all staff are aware that they have a duty to report any concerns, allegations or
disclosures of abuse, and that the response is consistent.
• Ensuring regular contact and reporting sessions with line managers are carried out within
the team
• A primary function of the role is to manage the workload of both individual social workers
and relevant teams. Whenever difficulties are experienced in this regard then referral
should be made to the relevant Service Manager or in order that the issue may be
Ensuring continuous improvement
• Implement a performance management framework.
• Create an outcome-focused environment of continuous improvement
• Provide Management in solving problems.
• Undertake strategic tasks allocated by the Service Manager
Managing services
• To manage referrals; to be accountable for all work allocation, and to ensure the
continuation of services or casework operations and the allocation of work in the event of
the non-availability of practitioners
• To manage services within the law, statutory guidelines and City Council procedures, in
particular the Children Act 1989, the framework for the Assessment of Children in Need
and working together to safeguard children
• To ensure that case records are maintained and that plans are formulated, recorded,
implemented, regularly reviewed and monitored
• To provide professional and managerial leadership, and supervision to team members,
including delegating management functions to Childrens Centre Managers or other
• To organise and participate in management cover arrangements within and across the
teams both within and outside working hours
• To develop the City Council’s commitment to equal opportunities and to promote nondiscriminatory practices in all aspects of work undertaken
• To comply with all statutory requirements and with Standing Orders and Financial
Regulations of the City Council, and to ensure that all work functions are undertaken in
accordance with health and safety legislation, codes of practice, and the City Council’s
safety plan.
• Involve customers, children, carers and other stakeholders in developing improved
• Communicate widely and regularly with customers/service Users and the media.
• Contribute to effective working with elected members.
• Undertake the role of liaison officer or casework co-ordinator as part of the Emergency
Managing resources.
• Manage delegated budgets as directed by their Service Manager
• Monitor expenditure for services in keeping with Best value framework.
• Ensure equity of service provision for all customers/service users.
• Contribute to Best Value service reviews.
Performance Management
Team Managers will be expected to develop and demonstrate skill and competence in
accordance with the agreed competence framework. This will include:
• Building and delivering the City Council’s Vision.
• Making things happen and seeing them through.
• Leading on performance; promoting a high performance culture within the team.
• Championing team working, creating high morale and effective collaboration.
• Creating a learning culture.
• Pioneering new approaches.
• Ensuring culture of open communication
• Develop the City Council’s commitment to equal opportunities and to promote non-discriminatory practices in all aspects of work undertaken