Social Worker - Standard (Social and Healthcare Qualified)

Location Derbyshire, England
Salary £16.51 - £18.91 per hour

 To provide a social work service that supports individuals and
communities to achieve their potential.
 To work in partnership with individuals to identify needs and to develop
plans and responses which meet those needs.
 To act on behalf of vulnerable individuals to safeguard their health and
 Effectively manage a designated caseload to achieve the best
outcomes for individuals, groups and communities.
 Provide leadership and expertise to empower individuals, groups and
communities to achieve identified change.
 Build and sustain relationships with individuals and communities.
 Represent the needs of vulnerable people.
 Work with individuals, their carers and their advocates, where
appropriate, in the assessment of individuals needs and the provision
of appropriate services/resources.
 Work with individuals to identify the aims and objectives of proposed
 Produce care plans with individuals and ensure their effective
 Provide social work with homeless and potentially homeless
 Act as a Duty Officer.
 Assist in the inductions of newly qualified social work employees.
 Provide consultation to other social worker staff on a particular
 Supervise and assess social worker students or trainees.
 Record all work undertaken and prepare reports/assessments.
 Accept responsibility, with the line manager, for reviewing work on
caseloads at regular intervals. This would include closure and transfer
of cases.
 Ensure that the quality of service provided to and on behalf of
individuals meets agreed quality standards.
 Maintain effective contacts with all providers of care and other people
responsible for relevant community resources.
 Initiating, where necessary, multi-disciplinary meetings for the coordination of complex care arrangements including safeguarding.
 Undertake financial assessment role, where required.
 Seek to ensure income maximisation for people.