Social Worker -Service Manager for Safeguarding and Reviewing

Location Bradford, Bradford, England
Salary £28.65 - £30.85 per hour
Safeguarding and Reviewing Unit - the assignment will be until 31st March 2022. 
  • To have overall responsibility for management of identified services in the Safeguarding and Reviewing Unit.
  • Provide direct line management and have supervisory responsibility to up to 8 front line managers and professional staff and to promote their professional development
  • To ensure that quality of work being reviewed by the unit follows the appropriate statutory and local decision making frameworks.
  • To ensure that social work and other services are accountable to timely and effective services for children.
  • Promote participation and the child’s voice as part of your leadership putting child focussed decision making at the centre of all practice in the unit.
  • To maintain robust quality assurances systems to understand the service being provided to children and young people.
  • Provide out of hours management support as part of a rota
  • You will be jointly responsible for the recruitment and selection of the workforce required to effectively run this service area ensuring that safe and appropriate recruitment processes are followed.
  • Provide strong leadership to the service area, working alongside your colleagues to develop effective communication and to ensure continued service development.
  •  Investigate and make recommendations to senior management concerning matters of staff conduct and professional responsibilities.
  •   Ensure that the service area is subject to effective financial management and works to the allocated budget.
  •  Operate to meet local and national targets by managing performance and ensuring continual progress and improvement.
  •  Provide effective support to practitioners in respect of areas for development or improvement
  •  Exercise a high degree of professional judgement within Council guidelines and will be expected to be self-reliant on a day to day basis.
  •  Provide regular high quality formal supervision to their managers.
  • Ensure that the requirements of GDPR and Freedom of Information Act are
  •           met
  • Independent Reviewing Service (IRO)
  •  Have overview and monitor challenge and resolution processes to ensure that they are used effectively and appropriately to enable children in care to receive the necessary service to achieve good outcomes
  •  Ensure that IRO auditing processes provide oversight of compliance and quality during the child’s journey in care.
  •    Ensure that challenge and resolution processes are used effectively to support good practice and safe arrangements for children.
  •   . To support the development and delivery of children in care and leaving care council to enable participation and influence of services available to them in Bradford.
  •    To oversee the Fostering IRO service to deliver a service that meets the required standards.