Social Worker - Senior Practitioner CYPDS

Location Camden
Salary £36.00 - £38.50 per hour
ASAP START REQUIRED - please submit candidates who are compliant and are able to start as soon as possible.
2 positions available
The person will be involved in supervision of 3-4 workers – Social workers and short breaks assessors , so they need to have supervision experience in previous roles, not just complex disability work experience. For example advance practitioners do not usually have staff supervision experience and this can be an issue for us when trying to allocate work to them and giving them management tasks like staff supervision.
The Children and Young People Disability Service 0-25 service is part of MOSAIC, the integrated service for disabled children who have complex developmental needs. Within this role you will focus on case management, supervision of 3-4 Social Workers, assessment and care planning of children and young people with severe to profound disabilities and complex health needs from birth to 25. You will be working with complex families in a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency setting with health practitioners and work closely with special educational needs and learning disabilities adults colleagues with a focus on Preparing for Adulthood.
As a Senior Practitioner you will be taking a leading role as a Superviser and contribute to the smooth running of a comprehensive service for children and young people with severe to profound disabilities and complex health needs ranging in ages from birth to 25 years. This includes providing supervision of 3-4 Social Workers/ Short Breaks assessors, professional leadership to social workers and social care staff within the service and facilitate collaboration within a multi-agency context as appropriate, being part of Duty Management team on a rota.
You will have a very good understanding of the legislation related to Disability across Children and Young people, including Children Act, Children and Families Act, Care Act, Mental Capacity Act and statutory guidance in the area of SEND/ Disability.
You will have a good understanding of thresholds for disability support, you will provide supervision and guidance to Social workers supporting families under a child in need plan, child protection plan, looked after children plan, as care leavers or under adults social care plans. This will include supervision of cases who are supported under a Short Break plan.
You will oversee decision making on child protection work and adult safeguarding work and supervise cases in Court, where needed. You will have access to relevant training in the area of Childrens or Adults related to Safeguarding and Mental Capacity Act.
Preparing for Adulthood work in our service is key to our children and young people, this is in line with Care Act and Children and Families Act and it is important that you are willing to learn and supervise work where young people are turning 18, and they require on-going care and support into adulthood as disabled young people including their families are kept on board to ease anxieties that can come up during the time of transition.
of the Children and Young People Disability Service.
You will also promote positive approaches to diversity and identity, providing guidance and challenge with particular reference to children and young people with Complex Needs and Disabilities. You will undertake Duty Senior Practitioner tasks on a rota basis through the service duty hub system. You will keep up to date supervision notes on files and personal supervision notes, you will address and oversee performance management issues that arise, supporting people to positively resolve difficulties where possible, taking action with HR/the regulator if appropriate.