Social Worker Senior Practitioner Childrens

Location Swindon
Salary £33.00 - £35.50 per hour

Experienced Social Worker required for Care Leavers Team. Must have Care Leavers experience. Full-time position.
Experience of undertaking age assessments is desirable. Experience of multi-disciplinary working with children and families and chairing formal multi-disciplinary meetings .Experience of undertaking assessments and writing court reports and presenting evidence in court. Knowledge of child protection, looked after children, and associated child in need social work practice issues.
Knowledge of methods of social work intervention. In-depth knowledge of relevant legislation, regulations, guidance and policies. Knowledge and understanding of the framework for the assessments of children in need and their families. Contemporary knowledge of social work applications, i.e. attachment theory, enabling change, parenting and kinship assessments, behaviour and behaviour management.
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