Social Worker SEN Officer

Location Waltham Forest
Salary £20.70 - £22.80 per hour

Experienced SEN Case Officer to cover a case load for 6 weeks minimum.
Must live within commuting distance of Waltham Forest

To have responsibility for administering requests for statutory assessment under section 323 of the Education Act 1996 and managing the assessment process from initiation stage to the proposed statement.

To administer information from other local authorities with respect to pupils with statements who have moved into Waltham Forest ensuring the appropriate school placement is found and that the costs are provided to finance.
Manage the process of requests from other local authorities in respect of places for pupils with statements in Waltham Forest schools, both special and mainstream, liaising with schools to ensure that a reply within legal timescale.
Administer the process for phase transfers for children in year 2 and 6 under the Code of Practice section 8:132 within statutory timescales.
Provide administrative support to the SEN Officer for statutory assessments, annual reviews and transitional reviews for children and young people with statements.
To provide excellent customer service and be a front line contact for schools, parents and other agencies providing excellent customer service dealing with queries by telephone, face to face and in writing promptly and professionally maintaining good relationships.

1. Services
2. Ensure that all requests for statutory assessment under the Education Act 1996 are entered on the ONE database and appropriate letters are sent out complying with statutory timescales and preparing cases for the SEN Pre-assessment Panel within the 6 weeks deadline.
3. To ensure that all advices are logged when they are received and chased up if appropriate to ensure statutory timescales are met and to log exceptions to the time limits in order to monitor the response rate of schools and other professionals.
4. To ensure that assessment cases are passed to SEN Officers to write proposed statements or notes in lieu within 18 weeks
5. To make statutory consultations with mainstream, special, independent and residential schools within the prescribed time limits.
6. To be responsible for requests made by other local authorities for places in Waltham Forest schools are answered within Schedule 27 of the Education Act and the prescribed timescale allowed.
7. To liaise with parents, schools and other agencies to ensure that children and young people with complex needs with and without statements who are newly arrived are able to access appropriate education provision by sending relevant information and reports to the Multi Agency Panel/or schools as appropriate in each case and securing an appropriate school placement.