Social Worker -safeguarding of vulnerable adults

Location Derbyshire
Salary £16.51 - £18.91 per hour
Candidates must have had both Covid vaccinations with evidence. A Covid pass is acceptable which they can access via the NHS website and they will need to send a copy to their line Manager prior to starting the appointment and the actual original on their first day training.
• Must have an enhanced DBS.
• Need to be experienced in Community Care Worker role, so must have recent reviewing and assessment experience using the Care Act.
• Must have a working knowledge of Safeguarding Adults, the Mental Capacity Act and strengths based approaches and preferably been trained in all 3 within the last 2-3yrs…which they must be able to evidence.
• Our preference would be that they have knowledge and some prior training on provision of simple equipment, however we will provide up to date training on this also.
• The applicants need to be willing to conduct face to face visits to people either in their own home or a care home if accessing respite or returning from hospital (for which they will need their Covid pass). We will provide PPE. If accessing care homes they must be willing to undertake Covid testing prior to visits.
• They need to be excellent communicators and confident negotiators who are able to engage in positive challenge.
• They need to have experience of undertaking ‘strength based conversations’
• They need to be able to effectively influence and manage competing priorities.
• They will need to be dressed in smart casual clothes respecting the fact that they will be undertaking face to face visits.
• It is vital that they have good IT skills and are adaptable to learning new IT case recording systems. Our preference is that they have previous experience of using Mosaic, although online training will be provided.
Work with clients and in association with their families/carers to identify and
mobilise their strengths, networks, communities and help to maximise
independence, self-care, social and occupational opportunities as appropriate
Working in conjunction with other professionals including social workers and
occupational therapists, referring on as necessary
Responsible for the routine assessment and review of individual needs and
arranging, as appropriate, the provision or referral of services; to include prescribing
and delivering a range of simple equipment and non-complex housing adaptations
in line with preventative approaches
Involved jointly with the Service Manager, reviewing work and caseload at regular
intervals, including the closure and transfer of cases;
Undertake holistic assessments for individuals with less complex needs, in order to
identify eligible unmet outcomes and assist clients to create viable care and support
plans in keeping with the relevant legislation;
Disseminating information to clients as required such as resources available,
including linking people to local mainstream community resources/activities as
Liaison with voluntary bodies, residential and day establishments and other
agencies or groups working in the area, as appropriate;
Ensure the safeguarding of vulnerable adults;