Social Worker -Safeguarding -Family

Location West Sussex
Salary £36.00 - £38.00 per hour

Working Arrangements: Workers are expected to be office based 2 to 3 days a week. Visits to families are face to face.
Duty Weeks : PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL SOCIAL WORKERS ARE REQUIRED TO BE IN THE OFFICE FOR DUTY WEEKS - currently one in every six to eight depending on staffing of other teams.
Candidates must be able to drive to fulfil the role requirements.
Full time and experienced part time workers considered
Payrate : We are bound by the MoC, which means pay rates are capped. Whist we are able to pay up to £42, this rate is for those deemed to be at ASW level. Please ensure your candidates are aware that the pay rate they request may not be the rate they are offered; managers are assessing skills and competency at interview. If the candidate is being offered less than requested, we will make the reasoning clear whilst providing feedback
Candidates can start as soon as pre employment checks have passed
The candidate needs:
- To be an experienced Family Safeguarding social worker with at least 2/3 years experience.
- Recent Front line – child protection work - Good assessment skills that are able to identify risk
- Direct work with children to be able to identify their needs
- Good multi agency working experience
About the Team:
The office base for the role is Crawley Library. The office is very central within the town centre so within walking distance to a number of shops and parking. As the geographical area we cover is quite large, a driving licence is required.
Social Workers in our Family Safeguarding teams will undertake meaningful, evidence-based interventions that contribute to improved levels of engagement and safeguarding with parents and children. All of our current staff are currently undergoing training on the new model and motivational interview. You will work within a positive, nurturing environment where successes are celebrated and individuals within the team are supported to grow and develop. The Family Safeguarding Model is based on multi-disciplinary joint children’s and adult teams. The model will therefore be implemented by building on the skills mix of our current children’s social work teams by adding the expertise of community mental health staff, domestic abuse specialists and substance misuse workers. In addition to this the offer will be enhanced by co-locating the teams with early help teams. You will act as a professional who practices effectively with high quality judgement, in situations of complexity, risk, uncertainty and challenge in line with the Professional Capabilities Framework. Manage caseloads with confidence and independence and are recognised as a source of reliable knowledge and advice and use your initiative to broaden your expertise. You help to support case conferences and produce quality assessments, taking shared responsibility and be accountable for your professional development. You will support equality and diversity and respect anyone working for or in contact with WSCC.
WSCC SW TEAMS – BENEFITS Currently planning the roll out of the Family Safeguarding model and starting to arrange training in motivational interviewing for our perm and agency staff. Unfilled vacancy gap less than 5% so teams well staffed. Agency staff are treated as part of the service and encouraged to attend transformational and other leadership events