Social Worker Safeguarding Enquiry Officer Adults

Location Brent
Salary £21.25 - £24.25 per hour
Undertaking duty visits and Mental Capacity assessments in complex cases as part of
the initial screening and investigations
 Carrying out Duty Visits as required for cases
 Identify risks to the adult/s at risks during the duty visit and mitigating them with the
safeguarding plan where we can and with agreement from the individual
 Establish the adult at risks consent regarding the SG referral and outcomes they would
like, to inform the type of enquiry needed
 Carrying out Mental Capacity Assessments
 Supporting the Safeguarding Adults Manager as necessary and appropriate so that the
SAM can ensure people are safe.
 Ensuring appropriate advocacy and support for the individual
2. Leading enquiries and producing high quality reports
Identifying outcomes for individuals to ensure the enquiry is clearly focused
 Unertaking enquiry actions and ensuring any actions for partners following enquiries are
in an action plan and are clear and comprehensive
 Ensure the ‘Adult at risk’ is at the centr in line with Making Safeguarding Personal
 Undertake enquiries with due regard to the six principles for safeguarding of
empowerment, proportionality, partnership, prevention, protection and accountability
Version 2: (Sept/2019)
Date of Job Evaluation (24/09/2019) Page 2 of 6
 Work in a Multi Agency environment and in partnership with other organisations to deliver
the London policy and procedures for Safeguarding
 Report findings of enquiries, making recommendations and conclusions in a clear,
concise, accurate and readable manner.
 Prepare for and give expert evidence at meetings convened as part of the London
Safeguarding Adults procedure.
 The enquiry officer must keep the SAM informed of the progress of the
 enquiry and any change to the timescales.
3. Ensuring practice is consistent with Making Safeguarding Personal, including outcomes
for the individual and their safeguarding plans work together to build resilience and
 Personalised and positive approachs to risk are in place
 Individuals are support to articulate the outcomes and we work to support these to be
 Empower, engage and inform people that they can resolve and prevent abuse and
neglect in their own lives.
 Information presented in accessible ways
 Ensuring the right advocacy to represent and support the adult
 Supporting adults to weigh up risks and benefits of different options