Social Worker Reviews and Reassessments

Location Dudley
Salary £18.33 per hour
Social Worker staff required to support operational pressures including the Covid-19 response and flow of work through the social work process.

Focus of role will be targeted reviews and reassessments with a strong strengths based approach encouraging use of the wider market place and consideration of direct payments as an alternative approach to meet eligible needs in the longer term

Specific Accountabilities for Social Work staff:
  • Manage and monitor a workload of complex cases and organise work activities taking into account the need to prioritise tasks and responsibilities.
  • Use the safeguarding procedures to investigate and manage risk where individuals have suffered or are likely to suffer significant harm. Understand forms of harm and their impact on people and demonstrate a thorough understanding of Dudley’s Safeguarding Procedures.
  • Undertake interviews, assessments, observations using appropriate frameworks and applying information-gathering skills to formulate plans to meet assessed needs consistent with the function of the team.  Select, use and review appropriate and timely social work interventions that are best suited to the person and their carer, including the design and costing of ‘person centred’ support plans.
  • Be responsible for the co-ordination, implementation and review of support plans and respond in a timely way to changes in circumstances. 
  • Work in partnership with people who use services, their families and a wide range of other stakeholders to ensure the provision of quality, innovative services.
  • Contribute to the development of community resources and have knowledge of local resources, groups and networks that may contribute to enhanced outcomes for people.
  • Take responsibility for identifying your own learning needs; assume responsibility for improving your practice through appropriate continuing professional development and reflection.
  • Make proactive use of supervision (in line with Dudley’s Supervision Policy) to critically reflect on practice, explore different approaches to your work, support your development across the nine capabilities and understand the boundaries of professional accountability.
  • Operate within the legal framework, departmental policies and procedures and demonstrate a clear understanding of their practical usage.
  • Record information in a timely, respectful and accurate manner. Write records and reports for a variety of purposes with language suited to function, and using required information management systems.
  • Share information consistently in ways that meet legal, ethical and agency requirements.
  • Comply with the Councils Financial Regulations and Standing Orders.
  • In addition to the duties above, all employees must be flexible in their approach and undertake other duties commensurate with their grade in order to achieve the objectives of the Directorate.