Social Worker- Resource team

Location Camden
Salary £29.00 - £32.05 per hour
The Resource team is responsible for overseeing the provision of placements and services for children and families.
The team’s two key responsibilities are:

Ensuring that the Children’s Safeguarding and Social Work division (CSSW) can offer suitable services to children and families that meets the child’s needs, supports family life and improves outcomes for children in the long term. This includes provision of suitable placements where a child can no longer live at home.
Ensuring that the services provided represent value for money and that all resources are used effectively and efficiently, providing good outcomes for children within acceptable timescales for their development.
As Camden’s policy is to support parents to look after their children at home where this is consistent with the child’s welfare, the Resource Team will, in the first instance, help social workers to consider suitable community based resources that meet the child’s needs, support parents and avoid the need for the child to be accommodated.

Where children are unable to live with their parents for any reason, the Resource team will support social workers to identify a member of the child’s own network to look after the child outside of the care system and help them to access suitable packages of support to maintain the care arrangement.

If it is necessary for a child to become looked after, the Resource Team, in partnership with the Fostering Service, will identify a suitable placement, and commission appropriate support and services to ensure good outcomes.
The Resource team will work jointly with social workers to implement children’s plans on the assumption that agreed procedures have been followed. It is an expectation that before resources can be accessed, a child and family assessment has been completed and appropriate authorisation of the proposed plan has been given.
Team objectives:
- To identify and commission suitable placements and services for children and families;
- To provide social workers with advice on suitable placements and/or packages of care for individual children;
- To identify and arrange placements for children entering care or young people entering the young people’s housing pathway;
- To develop links with other agencies to ensure access to services ie: health, education;
- To monitor the quality and implementation of children’s plans;
- To monitor the quality, use and effectiveness of all resources and placements, and manage budgets;
To provide a supervised contact service to CSSW;
Commissioning and brokering services and placements.
The team have expert knowledge of the private and voluntary fostering market and residential children’s homes across England and will use this knowledge to commission placements that are best able to meet the needs of individual children, implement their care plans and provide good outcomes.
The team monitor and review services delivered by providers to ensure contractual obligations are met. Placements and services are regularly reviewed by the team and contracts are completed for every placement to reflect the individual needs of the child and how these will be met.
All placements are tracked by the team so that a timely decision can be taken if there are concerns about the quality of care and there is a need to find an alternative placement.
If there are problems with a placement and there is a risk of breakdown, the team will meet with the child’s social worker, their IRO and the provider to look at how the placement can be supported and sustained. Generally, the team will work with providers to keep a child in placement and would only look to move the child to another placement where there are serious concerns.
In the event of a placement breakdown, the team would look at what were the issues that led to this and what can be learnt from the case in order to improve provision.
Allegations regarding the provision may result in a child protection investigation or be dealt with under Camden’s LADO procedures. Where there are care standards issues, a care standards meeting will be convened which is chaired wither by the Fostering manager or the Resource team manager.