Social Worker Resource Centre Worker

Location North Yorkshire
Salary £16.23 - £18.30 per hour
Details of request –
Team of experienced and skilled specialist care and support staff to provide care and support to a young man aged 14, in a bespoke single occupancy placement (to be established by the LA).
Location –
Underley Gardens School, Kirby Lonsdale, Carnforth, Lancaster, LA6 2DZ
Date agency care staff needed
From 3.2.22 until further notice. The assignment would be for a minimum of 3 months, then reviewed monthly
Numbers of staff needed –
a core and consistent team of care staff, consisting of at least 15 staff to cover the shifts outlined below, to provide 24/7 care. We need staff that are committed to this assignment, to regular shifts, so that this young man has familiar faces and can build relationships, this is crucial to him given his level of needs. He needs familiarity and routine.
Staffing levels needed –
this young man needs 3:1 staffing during waking hours and at night he needs 2 waking night staff and 1 sleep in staff. We need a team of staff 24/7.
Shift pattern –
day shift 7.30am-8pm. Night shift 7.30pm – 8am.
Clear hand overs will be required between each shift. Shift leaders will need to be clearly identified.
Skills and experience required – confident, skilled and experienced care staff in terms of caring for children with significant disabilities; autism, anxiety, significant learning disability, trauma, behaviours that challenge, self-injurious behaviours.
Ideally, we need some staff who can drive (as we will look into hiring a vehicle for his use)
Training requirements –
We need staff who are trained in managing challenging behaviour including de-escalation and physical interventions. We need staff who are trained to administer regular and PRN medication.
Training to be provided
Training will be provided about this young man’s specific communication and behaviour needs. Behaviour support plans are in place and must be followed. We can arrange for competency sign off of staff for administering medications. Induction will be provided
What the job entails
Direct care of this young man, 24/7. Support with all aspects of personal care, following clear support plans. Interacting and playing with the young person – led by their needs, including sensory needs. Ensuring he is communicated with in line with his communication needs; verbal language, Makaton (his own version mainly), visual cues, body language etc. Taking this young man out into the community (appropriately risk assessed by LA). Preparing and cooking his meals. Maintaining a clean and safe home environment for him. Administering regular and PRN medication – following health care plans and prescriptions. Providing constant supervision, guidance and boundaries to ensure this young persons safety and wellbeing - following behaviour support plan. Staff will be responsible for ensuring they keep timely and accurate records; completing daily care logs, recording medication, significant incidents etc…
What we will provide
Oversight and management of the placement and the staff team. Support to understand this young man’s specific needs. All relevant care plans and risk assessments. All relevant paperwork for care recordings. Supervision and support to staff.

In line with Directorate’s statutory obligations, support disabled children with the most complex needs in a variety of different settings. This involves working with children and young people with a wide range of disabilities as part of a team responsible for direct care in residential settings, in children’s own homes and in other settings.
To contribute to all aspects of the physical and emotional care of the children and young people so as to promote their welfare whilst working in partnership with their family and other professionals.