Social Worker Registered Manager- Safeguarding

Location Shropshire
Salary £28.00 - £30.50 per hour
post holder will be:

▪ Responsible to the Service Manager for residential services who is in turn are responsible for the post holder’s health and safety, training and development.

▪ Responsible and accountable for a team of residential childcare workers, acting in a supervisory/managerial capacity, monitoring performance, undertaking annual Performance Reviews to enable learning for the work process and identifying development opportunities.

▪ Expected to lead and/or contribute to a range of projects and to build relations with both internal and external partners in order to achieve specified outcomes.

▪ To be responsible for an approximate budget of £560,000, the physical property and vehicle. This will include maintaining accurate and up to date information about employees using self-service functionality of the HR/Payroll System.
▪ To be aware of current and relevant policies, procedures, guidelines and legislation, ensuring that these are implemented accordingly.

4. Main Duties

▪ Within the existing procedural requirements, ensure that residential staff undertake their responsibilities in respect of the systems for admission and discharges from residential child care establishments.

▪ Monitor the implementation of care plans in respect of all the children in the establishment’s care and promote increased participation by children and their parents.

▪ To ensure that staff in the establishment maintain accordance with relevant legislation, guidelines, policy and procedure.

▪ Monitor and ensure that the use of measures of control is in accordance with relevant legislation and Shropshire Council’s policy, guidelines and procedures.

▪ To ensure in conjunction with senior management that the establishment is appropriately staffed according to the agreed level for the establishment by taking first line responsibility in the recruitment process, liaising with Human Resources and for the maintenance of appropriate rota arrangements.

▪ Arrange for the induction of all care staff to the residential establishment and their responsibilities regarding procedural and regulatory requirements.