Social Worker -Reablement Practitioner

Location Barnsley
Salary £15 per hour
To provide assessment and case management for individuals receiving Reablement support within their own homes for up to six weeks. 

To work with a second Agency Reablement Practitioner to cover up 40 hours per week over seven days, ensuring each day is covered, and always one working Saturday and Sunday.

  • Assessment and case management for referred cases undertaking strength - based initial assessment which fully engages the service user in contributing to their own outcomes which maximise independence, undertaking an assistive technologies first approach to managing support needs.
  • To review and revise support plans at agreed intervals throughout the pathway, completing a final outcome report for each service user and as appropriate identify any ongoing support needs making recommendations as to the level and type of any future service provision.
  • To work in partnership with a number of internal and external stakeholders  ensuring the service users journey is consistent, safe and reflects desired outcomes and goals.
  • To liaise with Managers on any issues requiring clarification, to receive additional support and guidance in connection with caseload, assessment of need, risk and the reablement pathway.
  • Ensure a person centred holistic approach, which includes activities of daily living and social connectedness, facilitating opportunity to participate in community activity, aiming to reduce potential social isolation and positively influence overall wellbeing.
  • Participate in the day to day organisation of workload, including staff allocation via electronic systems.
  • To act as ‘Duty’ officer on a rota basis by undertaking Triage of new cases and being initial point of contact into service.