Social Worker (Mental Health)-Adults

Location Dudley
Salary £23.00 - £26.00 per hour
Rate of Pay can be negotiable based on highly candidates to be submitted.
As an exemplary practitioner, provide leadership and professional knowledge to colleagues; promote innovation, model and facilitate reflective practice.

Work with Adults and Carers from a Person Centred Perspective using a Strength Based and Enabling model. Promote Community development and support wherever possible. Develop support plans when appropriate to enable Adults and their Carers to achieve an optimum level of independence, to develop and maintain relationships and be vauled members of their community.

Demonstrate professional commitment and a high level of knowledge, critical thinking, communication skills and creativity, in order to support people to achieve positive outcomes and a good quality of life.

Model good practice and commitment to continuous professional development through a variery of methods, specifically practicing as a Practice Educator, BIA and or AMHP.

To undertake leadership roles and deputise for the ATM and TM and lead on Safeguarding Enquiries as required. To have responibility for the supervision of junior staff as identified by the Team Manager.
In adition to the accountabilities, competencies and tasks required of a qualified Social Worker the Senior Social Worker will:
Maintain fitness to practice by meeting the requirements of the Professional Regulator and uphold the reputation of the profession and the Council.
To practice as an autonomous professional, exercising professional judgement and operating within the legal and ethical bounds of social work as well as the requirements of the current Social Work Regulator and the Code of Conduct.
Lead, supervise and mentor less experienced social workers (scale 8), ASYE/trainee social workers and social care co-ordinators and students, supporting them to reach appropriate decisions, overcome difficulties and resolve dilemmas.
Provide supervision to designated staff in accordance with the Regulatory Body’s requirements for continuous professional development. This may include being responsible for identifying and helping to resolve poor practice .
Proactively use supervision which includes reflective practice as well as organisational and management aspects of the role.
Provide professional opinion, giving rationale and knowledge base.
Deputise for the Assistant Team Manager/Team Manager as appropriate.
Inform, guide and model good practice in the application of antidiscriminatory practice, supporting others to recognise and challenge discrimination.
Integrate the principles of social justice, social inclusion and equality into practice, enabling access to independent advocacy where appropriate.
Have detailed knowledge of legislative framework of Adult Social Care and to be able to communicate legislative issues to other professionals and agencies, with a focus on key legislation such as The Care Act, MCA, MHA and Human Rights.
Have a critical knowledge and practical experience of a range of theories and models of social work interventions with individuals, families, groups and communities and the methods derived from them.
Work in partnership with people who use services and carers, respecting their views and promoting participation in decision making wherever possible, whilst recognising how and when self determination might be constrained (by law).
Maintain confidentiality.
Establish and maintain a safe practice environment.
Have responibility for a specialist area eg Leadership, Best Interest Assessor/ AMCP; Practice Educator; Practice Development, Approved Mental Health Practitioner etc by promoting this area and practising as PE, BIA, AMCP, AMHP.
Ability to work at the PCF level of experienced Social Worker in day to day practice and support others to develop to this level.
Represent the Directorate in Social Work matters in a way which promotes confidence in the authority and the Social Work profession.
Undertake duties in accordance with Directorate policies, procedures and guidance.
Take responsibility to ensure partners in Children’s services are alerted if you become aware of any concerns in relation to the Safeguarding of Children.
Specific Accountabilities:
Manage and monitor a workload of complex cases involving risk and organise work activities taking into account the need to prioritise tasks and responsibilities.
Make threshold decisions about Safeguarding Concerns and lead Safeguarding Enquiries, implementing Dudley’s Adult Safeguarding Policy & Procedures whilst applying the principles of Making Safeguarding Personal.
Contribute to a busy Duty system and when necessary make decisions to support or deputise for the Assistant TM/TM.
Chair and facilitate planning and review meetings as required by Assistant Team Manager/Team Manager.
Contribute to the resource/ budget management process.
Use a range of methods to communicate effectively with Adults who use services, eliciting the needs, wishes and feelings of all involved.
Undertake interviews, assessments, observations using appropriate frameworks and applying information gathering skills to formulate plans to meet assessed needs consistent with the function of the team.
Select, use, and review timely and appropriate social work interventions that are best suited to the person and their carer, including a Strength Based Approach & the promotion of independence through Assistive Technology, Direct payments and alternative to traditional residential placements where appropriate.
Be responsible for the coordination, implementation, and review of support plans where necessary and respond in a timely way to changes in circumstances.
Work in partnership with people who use services, their families, and a wide range of other stakeholders to ensure the provision of quality, innovative services.