Social Worker - MASH -

Location Redbridge
Salary £30 - £32 per hour
  • To undertake assessment of needs of children and their families
  • To undertake assessments in accordance with Central government and local guidelines and where appropriate prepare and present and implement plans for work with families based on such assessments
  • To support children and their families so that children will be maintained in a safe environment within the family network
  • To involve individual, families, carers, groups and communities in decision makingm  offering them choices and options and link them to support groups and networks
  • To be accountable to individuals, families, carers, groups and communities for their practice 
  • To have knowledge of services relevant to individuals, families, carers, groups and communities and how to access other relevant services.
  • To initiate where nexessary Care proceedings, attend Court and represent the Local Authority
  • To support children who are looked after by this authority. Formulate, prepare and implement appropriate care plans in line with CLA Procedures
  • To prepare and present range of reports including reports for Court, Child Care Reviewsm CP, Conferences and planning meetings