Social Worker - Looked After Children

Location Oxfordshire
Salary £28 - £36.01 per hour
We have a mix of part time and full time workers so we have Wednesdays as the office day for all who can make.
The CWCF reviews are mostly in person now so either at the office, school or carer's home.

We are a very supportive and caring team. 

To supervise a range of carers according to the needs of the children being looked after by the Department.
• To prepare, train, and support carers, including individual and group work.
• To undertake assessments and reviews on appropriate applications and present to a Fostering Panel and/or court as a Special Guardianship application.
• To act as Supervising Social Worker to approved carers.
• To carry out annual reviews with all foster carers under the Foster Placement Regulations.
• To contribute to the assessment of the placement needs of children and young people, and family find for them according to their needs.
• To liaise with and work in close collaboration with other Departmental staff and staff from other agencies as required.
• Advise and assist in preparation of children for placement either individually, or in groups.
• To be a member of an Adoption and/or Fostering Panel as required.
• To be involved in the development of new initiatives in accordance with the requirements of Departmental policy.
• To provide advice and consultancy on Family Placement issues to colleagues within the Department and other agencies as requested.
• To attend planning meetings, case conferences, panel, court, reviews, team meetings, Psychology Service meeting and inter-agency meetings as necessary or appropriate.
This post holder is responsible for ensuring that all County Child Protection Policies are adhered to and concerns are raised in accordance with these policies.