Social Worker Level 3 (Social and Healthcare Qualified)

Location Bradford
Salary £33.00 - £35.50 per hour
3 QSW required for our East Children and Families Teams service for 3 -6 months subject to review
Ex - permanent workers who have left the authority within 2 years need not apply

  1. To safeguard children including those at significant risk of harm, assess and manage risk and undertaken critical decision making including taking professional responsibility for decision making
  2. Contribute to the provision of Social Care Services in the Community and other settings.
  3. Provide an effective Social Work service including assessment, case planning and reviews.
  4. Operate a Social Work service within departmental policy, practice and procedures.
This Job Profile relates to case holding social workers in the following teams:

-        Localities

-        MASH

-        Throughcare and After Care