Social Worker - Leaving Care

Location Barnet
Salary £32 - £35.02 per hour
Provide high quality social work as part of a multi-professional team, acting,
as required, as the lead professional for families caring for adolescents
presenting with a range of needs including being victims/perpetrators of
child sexual exploitation, young people affected or involved in serious youth
violence and group offending, missing from home.
 Build the resilience of children, young people and their families by using
evidenced based approaches to achieve sustained change.
 Use the direction, support and guidance of your line manager and the multiprofessional team to effectively manage the range of complexities of risk
and ambiguity families present with.
 Establish rapport, build respectful relationships with children, young people,
their families, obtaining and recording their views accurately
 Mobilise existing and potential support networks for children, young people
and their families through effective and regular engagement and
communication, working collaboratively and including their views and
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contributions to assessments and plans made for children, young people
and their families
 Undertake assessments of children, young people’s circumstances, using
observation and information gathered from a range of sources to provide
evidence and analysis of children’s needs leading to recommended levels
of intervention and of service provision.
 Work with children, young people and their families in a range of settings,
including their homes to undertake assessments and interventions aimed at
building their resilience and improving outcomes.
 Take responsibility for making decisions about the tasks that need to be
completed with families and at all times working in the families best
interests and considering the impact of your involvement on children, young
people and their families
 Use flexibility and creativity to engage adolescents and develop
relationships of trust, bringing to the attention of your line manager any
concerns relating to the quality of parenting or the safety and well-being of
children and young people within their home, school or community
 Effectively plan for change, involving relevant professionals and family
members by clear on what needs to change, how the individual or family
will be supported to achieve the change and how and when the plan will be
monitored and reviewed, including the provision of regular feedback to
families on progress towards agreed plans as they form and develop.
 Routinely use measurement tools with families to track and monitor the
impact of interventions and the progress children, young people and
parents are making towards agreed change.
 Prepare clear and concise informative written reports based on complex
evidence in relation to your work with children, young people and their
families as required and to agreed standards and timescales.
 Attend and participate in Child Protection Conferences and Looked After
Children Reviews, and where appropriate, organise and chair multi-agency
meetings promoting at all times the best outcomes for children.
 Adequately prepare for and represent the Council during court proceedings
in order to recommend and seek legal interventions that are in the best
interests of the children or young people.
 Pro-actively acquire knowledge to share with families about local resources,
facilities and other sources of support available to children, young people
and their families as appropriate, and support individuals to develop links
with those services including voluntary services, Children Centres, Youth
Services, adult and community based services.
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 Be reliable and work flexibly (including early mornings, evenings and
occasional weekends) to meet children, young people and their families
 Maintain up to date and high quality case records of your work and children,
young people and their families circumstances contributing to the overall
picture of need and risk.