Social Worker Care Leavers Service 16+

Location Bradford
Salary £33 - £35 per hour
1. Undertake preventative work with families, providing them with support material aid and financialassistance to diminish the need for care or accommodation. 

2          Investigate complaints of neglect and ill-treatment of children.


3          Provision of accommodation.


4          Receive children committed to the care of the Authority and use Child Assessment and Emergency Protection Orders.


5          Accept responsibility for and supervision of children in care and set up reviews of such cases at defined intervals.


6          Undertaken investigations into prospective family, friends and foster parents and supervise fostering arrangements in both private and Local Authority approved cases.


7          Give evidence in the Courts in care and other proceedings which the Authority may institute, including the presentation of reports.


8          To undertake training to ensure career development.


9          To act in accordance with the priority and policies of the Children’s Division and Department.


10         Liaison with other agencies and organisations in line with the responsibility outlined above, in order to fulfil the provisions of a social work service.


11         To provide an access to service for client groups other than Children, Young People and Families.


12         Will facilitate maximum user consultation and participation in line with policy.


13         Provide training for and supervision of social work students and volunteers.


14         Participate in the provision of training throughout the Department.


15         Act as a member of a Professional Development Group or s Service Planning Group.