Social Worker-Fostering -Children

Location Wirral
Salary £30.0 - £32.50 per hour
Experience in fostering is preferred with the opportunity to join a fostering team with well managed caseloads and regular supervision and management support.
To assess mainstream fostering applicants and to be part of our current recruitment campaign for mainstream foster carers. This includes the assessment of connected carers and the supervision of temporarily approved foster carers. Assessments completed include viability, form F, form C and special guardianship assessments. To provide clear and measured reports against the national minimum standards for fostering. All casework transfers to other teams within the service following approval at fostering panel.
In the role, you will help to ensure that our children in Wirral receive the highest standards of care, providing support at the right time and where it is needed and carrying out a range of other duties including:
Providing supervisory visits to Foster Carers with children in placement in accordance with policies and procedures.
Ensuring Foster Carers receive effective supervision which identifies training and areas of development.
Undertaking additional support visits as often as is necessary.
Support Foster Carers to attend professionals' meetings involving our children in care.
To support Foster Carers maintaining excellent records as required.
To ensure that children's placements are made and sustained which support our children to be healthy, happy and secure.
To work with the children in placement to ensure that they feel safe and their views are heard.
To work with Foster Carers to ensure their voice is heard and they work with the service delivery.
To complete viabilities and mainstream and connected carers fostering assessments.
You will be provided with the right tools and working infrastructure which will allow you to work flexibly around your own needs as well as the needs of children and families enabling you to maximise
efficiency and meet tight deadlines without overburdening process and bureaucracy.