Social Worker Fostering

Location Powys
Salary £34.00 - £37.50 per hour

Social Workers are one group of staff within the social care sector. It is principally
through Social Workers that Local Authorities meet their statutory obligations
under the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 and others.
The overall purpose of the Social Work role within Children’s Services is to
assess, risk assess and provide a service to children and their families, where
possible maintaining children in their families. In situations where risk cannot be
managed, to develop plans which keep children safe and able to achieve their full
potential. In doing this, the Social Worker must adhere to the relevant legislation
and regulation, as well as Powys County Council Policies and Procedures.
Principal Responsibilities:
To provide a social work service to individual children and young people with a
view to keeping them safe and enabling them to achieve to their fullest potential
within a setting that provides legal permanence.
To work as part of a team, undertaking tasks on a duty rotational basis, and
providing cover for absent colleagues.
To foster and maintain good working relationships with colleagues and partners
that enable the team to work effectively.
To identify risk issues in relation to the circumstances of individual children, and
to ensure that there is safeguarding in place in order to minimise risk.
• Ensure that the needs of individuals and their carers are assessed holistically,
packages of care negotiated, monitored and reviewed.
• Risks to individuals and others are assessed and balanced in a way that
promotes independence of service users and their carers.
- Decisions about allocating scarce resources are made.
- Equal opportunity and respect for diversity and difference is promoted.
- Social inclusion of isolated and vulnerable people is promoted.
- Abuse of vulnerable adults and children is investigated.
- Collaboration and multi-disciplinary working with other agencies is
- Accountability for their actions through effective, accurate recording of