Social Worker -Family Safeguarding

Location West Sussex
Salary £36.00 - £38.50 per hour
ocation : Chichester Family Hub
Dluty week: We are asking all staff to be in the office 2 - 3 times a week (around visits) and for the full week the week the team is on duty (one week in 6 currently but rising to one in 8 when we have recruited to all teams)
The candidate must be a car driver and be happy to drive around the western area of the county to fulfil the role requirement.
Payrate : £38. We are bound by the MoC, which means pay rates are capped. Whist we are able to pay up to £42, this rate is for those deemed to be at ASW level. Please ensure your candidates are aware that the pay rate they request may not be the rate they are offered; managers are assessing skills and competency at interview. If the candidate is being offered less than requested, we will make the reasoning clear whilst providing feedback.
Candidates can start as soon as pre employment checks have passed
As a Children’s Social Worker you will be at the forefront of assessing need and risk for vulnerable children and their families. You will be responsible for achieving positive change and improved outcomes by undertaking high quality assessments, care planning and, as appropriate, child protection investigations, to prevent the separation of children from their families where possible. You will ensure that children and young people are adequately protected in line with our policies, procedures and relevant legislation.
The candidate needs:
- To be an experienced worker with at least 2/3 years experience in a family safeguarding team.
- Recent Front line – child protection work
- Good assessment skills that are able to identify risk
- Direct work with children to be able to identify their needs
- Good multi agency working experience