Social Worker -Family Intervention

Location Southwark
Salary £20.00 - £23.30 per hour
1. To develop and promote relationship based practice by supporting families to recognise the need
for change in order to improve outcomes for their children and work with them to achieve sustainable
2. To conduct whole family assessments that consider risk factors such as poor school attendance,
physical and mental health issues, substance misuse, worklessness, offending, exploitation, financial
difficulties, safeguarding, domestic violence and parental conflict.
3. To create holistic family plans with families that includes the voice of children and SMART
objectives to address risk factors and improve outcomes for children.
4. To review progress of family plans regularly, plan safe exit strategies that enable families to
recognise their strengths and promote a sense of achievement
5. To use evidence based tools that secure involvement with families and can show progress against
identified needs.
6. To deliver evidence based direct work to children, parents and families to address risk factors in a
1:1, family or group setting using a variety of professional skills.
7. To work purposefully with schools, health professionals, voluntary sector, police, social workers
and other professionals to achieve best outcomes for children.
8. To undertake the role of lead professional to coordinate Team around the family meetings, holding
others to account for the delivery of agreed actions.
9. To manage a caseload of families and balance competing demands as needs arise, ensuring
timescales for case work are adhered to.
10. To provide written and verbal reports that demonstrate appropriate analysis of issues.
11. To provide a responsive, flexible outreach service to families in the borough ensuring that delivery
is accessible to families who may need support to balance competing demands on their time and
12. To problem solve with families to develop their resourcefulness, resilience and capacity to sustain
progress and increase their social capital.
13. To provide advice, resources and support to families and professionals demonstrating a
commitment to culturally competent, respectful practice to ensure that the early help offer is
responsive to the needs of diverse communities in Southwark
14. To record electronic casework as directed by local procedures, to a high quality and within
expected timescales.
15. To promote parental responsibility for school attendance and support the statutory enforcement
duty of the service including work with children missing from education.
16. To support parents/carers and schools with strategies to improve attendance and prevent school
17. To actively seek and apply research knowledge on ‘what works’ to improve personal, team and
service practice.
18. To contribute to the monitoring, evaluation and performance management of the service including
feedback from parents, children and agency colleagues.
19. To influence the development of the service by sharing ideas for innovation.
20. To use supervision and reflective team opportunities to manage risk and support development of