Social Worker Discharge

Location Barnsley
Salary £22.66 per hour
To work in a busy acute hospital and Intermediate care services .

Ideal candidate should have an understanding of the Discharge to assess process and hospital processes and be able to work under pressure .

Due to CoVID restrictions homeworking and some office working is required .

  1. To carry out all tasks in accordance with Council and Departmental policies and procedures.
  2. To participate in the Department’s duty arrangements to receive requests for services and social work intervention.
  3. To provide services to children in need and their families, including the provision of material and financial assistance and accommodation.
  4. To lead in the investigation of allegations and undertake assessments of all forms of child abuse, including child sexual abuse, in accordance with Departmental policy and procedure.
  5. To act as key worker for children who are subject to a Child Protection Plan
  6. To act as named social worker for Looked After Children.
  7. To use the appropriate legal provisions for the protection and assessment of children who are suffering, or are likely to suffer, significant harm.
  8. To give evidence and provide reports to court in family proceedings
  9. To plan and review effectively in all cases and to provide contact between looked after children and their families.
  10. To assist in the preparation of young people for leaving Local Authority placements and to provide after care.
  11. To undertake assessments of prospective foster parents and to provide support to foster parents in their own right, contributing to their training and development.
  12. To visit children in foster placements, both private and those regulated by the Department, making reports as required by policy, legislation and regulations.