Social Worker - Court Specialist

Location Powys
Salary £34 - £37.46 per hour
Main Purpose of Role:

To ensure that the Local Authority has good oversight of all care proceedings and all pre-proceedings currently underway in the authority. To ensure that all court reports are submitted on time and to a high standard and minimise delay for children with effective care planning. Together with the operational Team Manager take part in Permanence Planning meetings for children, and to ensure that any assessments required in relation to connected persons or similar, are running to timescale.

The Court Specialist will support social workers across the Care and Support Service including the Integrated Disability Service.

Key Tasks

To ensure oversight of all care proceedings in Powys (or an area within Powys). The post-holder will have an overview of all care proceedings and pre-proceedings and an understanding of the basic issues within each case, and the steps that are required in order to resolve the care plan. The post-holder will (alongside the Team Manager) support Social Workers in writing their court reports, particularly focussing on less experienced staff. The post-holder may need to attend court at times in relation to contentious cases or to support less experienced staff.

  • Develop and maintain a database in order to monitor the progress of all care proceedings and pre-proceedings in the department/area
  • Provide reports in relation to this information to assist the Local Authority to project demand for placements, therapeutic or other relevant services.
  • Ensure that all children who are the subject of care proceedings have been subject to the relevant permanence planning processes in order to determine the care plan.
  • Ensure that Social Workers have the resources they need in order to submit court reports on time and to a high standard.
  • Provide practical assistance to Social Workers to ensure that they can complete court work to a good standard.
  • Ensure that all work to be filed before the court has been through a QA process and that the views and feelings of the child are reflected and have been actively considered in drawing up the statement.
  • Attend permanence planning and care planning meetings for children who are the subject of care proceedings.
  • Ensure that in relation to pre-proceedings, that the plan of improvement is relevant to the concerns about the children and that progress is made in a timely way, or to alert the Team Manager or Senior Manager if the progress of the family is drifting.
  • To attend Legal Planning Meetings in an advisory capacity.
  • At all times to work in co-operation with the Team Manager of the social work team in which the care proceedings are held.
  • To liaise with CAFCASS in relation to any concerns that they may have about the conduct of care proceedings in Powys.
  • To ensure that all services are provided within a framework of Equality and Diversity and Anti-discriminatory practice and take account of the views of service users.