Social Worker - Chldren's

Location Wrexham
Salary £27 - £30 per hour
The Assessment and Intervention Team (AIT) carry out social work assessments of children in need and children who may be in need of protection.

All referrals made to children’s social care are received by the Single Point of Access Team (SPOA).

This team will gather additional information to decide if a social work assessment is required.

When it has been identified that a social work assessment is required to assess the needs of a family the case will be transferred from SPOA and allocated to a social worker within AIT who will complete comprehensive assessments with families and work to support families who may be experiencing difficulties.

Once an assessment has been completed it may be appropriate for services to be provided by the AIT team in order to support any changes made by a family.

The AIT team members work proactively to help families remain together. However on occasion it is necessary to take legal action to secure both the immediate and longer term safety of children.

Throughout their work AIT are committed to promoting positive outcomes for the children, young people and families with whom they work.