Social Worker (Childrens-Safeguarding

Salary £23.00 - £25.50 per hour
The role involves working with our CLA and Care Leavers in the Pathway Team.  ERYC Leaving Care service 

1 To manage a case load of looked after young people and care leavers, and provide services and support at a level appropriate to their needs
2 To undertake detailed assessment and analysis of need, to inform plans which will be regularly reviewed
3 To liaise with key child care and adult agencies – eg education, health, police – and to work closely with care and accommodation providers
4 To develop and maintain a good standard of relationship-based practice with young people, including those with complex needs.
5 Work within child care policies and statutory guidance, and keep up to date with all legislation and regulations in relation to social work practice
6 To work closely as part of the team and support and assist colleagues as required
7 To make use of supervision to discuss and receive direction on case management issues
8 To maintain accurate and up to date client information records, ensuring data protection and client confidentiality is adhered to at all times.
9 In your role you are required to speak English with sufficient fluency to effectively perform your duties, as required by Section 77-84 of the Immigration Act 2016
10 The above principal accountabilities are not exhaustive and may vary without changing the character of the job or level of responsibility.