Social Worker – Childrens-Safeguarding

Location Cambridgeshire
Salary £36.00 - £39.20 per hour
Update from CCC on flexible working/case loads
We offer social workers working in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough a range of flexible working. We do expect our staff to visit children, young people and families, but we can be flexible about how often our staff come into our offices. We have found that some staff want to be in the offices more than others and we can accommodate this providing the essential work of being a social worker is completed. We do want people to come into offices for team meetings and at least every other supervision and this will be planned around the time you are in the office anyway. We believe that meetings with families that have potentially life long implications should also take place on a face to face basis unless families choose differently. Outside of expectations such as these, however, where you work is essentially up to you, subject to usual expectations such as maintaining client confidentiality.
We can also be flexible about working hours; we know that some staff will have commitments at the start of the working day and may want to work outside of a wholly 9-5 pattern. Again, as long as a work pattern still enables social workers to complete their work with children, young people and their families, and is not unfair to other members of the team, we will be as flexible as we can be.
Finally, we offer our locum staff a capped caseload of 23 for Assessment workers; 16 for Family Safeguarding and 20 for Corporate Parenting for full time workers. We aim for a lower average caseload for our staff; with continued contribution by locum staff such as you, we can reduce caseloads towards our target for everyone.