Social Worker- Childrens safeguarding

Salary £33.64 - £35.84 per hour
Advanced Social Workers will contribute to the overarching strategy and vision of the service, ensuring that practice demonstrates robust risk management arrangements. Practice will evidence a suitable focus on permanency and stability for children, through purposeful social work and other practice.
Advanced Social Workers will contribute to and engage with a wider context; team, service, directorate, council and wider partnership.
Customer Focus
The role works in partnership with colleagues, parents and carers to ensure that child centred systemic practice is the understood standard and expectation. This extends to other parts of the service and a priority to actively demonstrate a commitment to child and family feedback and a solution focused approach.
This principle and standard extended to recording and Advanced Social Workers will be required to demonstrate good report writing and assessment skills.
Performance Management
Advanced Social Workers are expected to manage high levels of risk and complexity in casework. The role will manage a complex caseload, evidencing robust analysis and focused and purposeful practice.
Advanced Social Workers will be required to contribute to routine quality assurance work, including case audit, observation of practice and child and family feedback.
Advanced Social Workers will support the Team Manager with important aspects of the management role including; team development work & co working complex cases with less experienced team members.
The role will model leadership qualities within practice, working with and supporting the Team Manager to set a clear standard of expected practice; practice which is reflective, analytical and purposeful.
Advanced Social Workers will have a high level of knowledge and commitment to the systemic model, ensuring that the integrity of the model is maintained and strengthened at a team level. The role will support team members in developing systemic practice.
Statutory Obligations
Advanced Social Workers are required to have a high level of understanding regarding the statutory framework in which they practice. The role will work with the Team Manager to ensure that statutory requirements are met and that an appropriate focus is given to practice improvement and inspection preparation.
The role holds case responsibility for complex casework and provides a co working and support role for less experienced members of the team.
The expectation is that all social work with children, young people and families is evidenced based and focused, ensuring that interventions are completed in a timely way. Advanced Social Workers will have good assessment skills and be able to consistently deliver a high standard of written reports, including court reports.
Advanced Social Workers will provide support and informal supervsion to other members of the team, enhancing the formal supervision provided by the team manager role.
The post will provide formal supervision to the Family Practitioner and social work students, providing an important role in terms of staff development.
Advanced Social Workers will be the lead worker for complex court work and will be required to support less experienced staff in developing court skills and preparing reports and assessments for court.
Advanced Social Workers will be required to prepare work and support others in preparing work for formal meetings and/or processes, including; Case Conference Meetings, Looked After Children Reviews and key Decision Making Panels.
Undertakes co working with colleagues on specific direct work, reports and assessments where advanced practitioner level support and/or oversight is required. Balancing co working commitments alongside the accountability of holding a caseload will be a priority for the role.
Contributes to the development of effective partnerships in order to achieve ‘a coordinated approach to ensure effective safeguarding arrangements’ (section 10, Children ACT 2004). The role will work with schools and partners to support and facilitate successful transition for families to community and family based services.