Social Worker - Childrens (Grade 9)

Salary £31.14 - £33.54 per hour
A very welcoming, stable and supportive management team, regular personal, case and group supervision. • A significant amount of work has been undertaken to reduce caseloads to 25 and under across the locality service, and we are keen to ensure all social workers are given the time to really work with families, with a real focus on relationship based social work practice. • Hull has recently implemented a new practice model, which is signs of safety. All our staff, including our agency workers will have access to regular stop the clock training days, as well as case consultations with our SOS champions. • Flexible working arrangements, with a blended approach to office and home-based working. Staff are provided with protected work days, to focus on recording / assessment work. • Opportunities to secure permanent posts across children’s social care for our agency staff.

To promote and safeguard the welfare of children, young people and/or vulnerable adults (Service Area to include where appropriate)


Contributes to the overarching strategy in Hull Children’s Social Care Services – to ensure that the team actively plans for safety, permanency and stability for children and young people regardless of the setting in which they live and to actively support children to live at home safely.


Works in partnership with colleagues, parents and carers, ensuring that child-centred, systemic practice is the principal standard and framework for all work undertaken with children, young people and families.


Engages in critical reflection and constructive challenge within the course of working with colleagues, other agencies and with children, young people and families.


Undertakes specific pieces of direct work with children, young people and families both individually and co-working with colleagues as directed by the Team Manager.


Actively engages in weekly team meetings ensuring focused and purposeful social work is undertaken with all cases.


Works with colleagues in the team to ensure that children, young people and families are regularly and actively communicated with.


Works with colleagues in the team to ensure that case recording is up to date and that required information is available for a variety of purposes e.g. core groups, multi-agency meetings, strategy meetings, panels, court, case conferences and looked after children reviews.


Engages in the professional decision-making process with colleagues in relation to complex/high risk cases.


Actively engages in the professional development framework for Hull Children’s Social Care Services (including attendance at practice development groups) and continuous learning as per relevant level of the Professional Capabilities Framework for the role.


The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 and associated legislation places responsibilities for health and safety on Hull City Council, as your employer and you as an employee of the council. In addition to the Councils overall duties, the post holder has personal responsibility for their own health & safety and that of other employees; additional and more specific responsibilities are identified in the Council’s Corporate H&S policy.


Grade 8, all of the above plus:

Engages in and advises on the professional decision-making process with children, young people and their families and colleagues in relation to complex/high risk cases.


Prepares for and attends relevant decision-making panels on specific cases where there may be a requirement for additional resources e.g. Resource Allocation Panel.


Prepares for and attends court as required in relation to specific cases where the engagement of legal processes is necessary.


Provides co-working support and advice to other staff members within the team.