Social Worker-Childrens- assessment and intervention

Location Wrexham
Salary £39.12 - £41.82 per hour
No formal management responsibilities 1. Demonstrate confident and critical application of professional ethics to decision-making, using a legal and human rights framework, and support others to do so.
2. Model the social work role, promote social work and decision-making within and outside the organisation
3. Use critical reflective skills in practice and supervision settings to enhance your own practice.
4. Promote positive approaches to diversity and identity in your area of responsibility, providing guidance and challenge as required.
5. Model and contribute to the development of best practice in use of power and authority within your sphere of influence. Provide challenge in situations where power is used inappropriately.
6. Model best practice, provide or seek out expert professional social work/legal advice, applying human and civil rights in complex situations where there are competing issues. Contribute to policy and practice developments to support service improvement.
7. Model and demonstrate professionalism, ensure professional social work standards are maintained throughout your area of responsibility
8. Contribute to a work environment which promotes health, safety and wellbeing of self and others.
9. Establish a network of internal and external colleagues from whom to seek advice and support
10. Be able to meet the requirements of the professional regulator
11. Utilise the full range of council processes, policies and procedures that relate to the effective, safe and accountable operation of the business
12. Maintain awareness of own professional limitations, knowledge gaps and conflicts of interest, actively seeking to address issues for self and others; escalate issues and concerns to the relevant manager where action is required beyond the remit/level of the Social Worker role