Social Worker - Childrens

Location Kingston upon Hull
Salary £33 - £36 per hour
Advanced Social Workers are based in one of the following service areas:
  • Locality based safeguarding teams
  • Permanence teams
  • Assessment teams

Advanced Social Worker are highly skilled and experienced Social Workers and the key purpose of the role is to deliver high quality  social work practice which achieves the best possible outcomes (and progress) for children and young people in need of social work support, assessment and intervention.


Advanced Social Workers will demonstrate a high standard of systemic practice, providing support and co working with less experienced members of the team.


Importantly Advanced Social Workers will model and help others to develop key elements of Systemic practice including;

  • A strengths and relationship based approach
  • Different perspectives and collaboration
  • Family & Goal orientated plans which are SMART
  • The value of systemic tools such as; genograms