Social Worker Children With Disabilities

Salary £28 - £29 per hour
The Social Worker will be required to attend relevant training courses and staff development programmes as part of their continued professional development

Working knowledge of Liquid Logic is preferred but not essential as training will be offered. Ability to work flexibly and creatively is valued.

Main Job Duties:
  • As an experienced social worker, it is a requirement to be working towards a level of operating self-sufficiently in the application of relevant legislation, policy, procedures and social work theory (within normal arrangements for management accountability).
  • The Social Worker must ensure the well-being and safety of the child/young person is paramount. This is through gathering and analysing all necessary information to complete a range of assessments that comply with statutory requirements and may require the Social Worker to consider alternative placements for the child or young person.

  • To carry out tasks that fulfils the statutory requirements of children and young people receiving services.

  • The Social Worker may be expected, on occasions, to represent the Authority in court and also may be required to attend as a witness or give evidence.

  • To attend a range of meetings to update and exchange information, make decisions and review progress.

  • To create, develop and review multi-agency outcome focussed plans for children and young people.

  • The Social Worker will undertake day duty tasks as required. Duty tasks will require telephone calls, visits or attending meetings.

  • The Social Worker will be required to collect and maintain accurate records and update appropriate systems which are both confidential and in-keeping with relevant legislation, e.g. data protection.

  • To participate in the supervision process.