Social Worker Children Safeguarding-Family Solutions Plus

Location Oxfordshire
Salary £29.00 - £38.00 per hour
This order is for all locations (North, Central & South)
When submitting candidates, you must share location preferences so the correct interviewers can be identified.
What are the average caseloads?
18 - 22
How are cases allocated?
Front door teams assess need and risk of children. Children then progress to the FSP teams.
What practice model is used?
Family safeguarding model with adult facing practitioner (underpinned by MI)
Will I have access to training?
Training on LCS and gcp2 (neglect tool).
Is there support available? Monthly supervision from manager, access to clinical team for support clinical formulations. Invites to tasking meeting and team meetings.
How often will I need to be in the office?
In the office with teams and out in field with family in community WFH agreed if complex reports required
How does the duty rota work?
Do not have.
What is parking at the office like?
Banbury: Carpark
Bicester: Local long stay (payable)
Whitney: carpark
Barton: carpark
Rose hill (carpark
The lees: payable car park, limited parking
Abingdon: Car park
Didcot Car Park
Abby house Payable parking
What is the team like?
Dynamic, creative, small towns, large towns (Banbury and Oxford) with rural areas in south and North, co-located with targeted Early Help teams and based in the community we serve.
Is there anything specific about this role / team that would attract new staff?
Passionate practitioners and managers, manageable caseloads, MI and Adult facing practitioners, right support to children and families, relationship-based approach - children at the heart of practice.