Social Worker Children Safeguarding

Location Cardiff
Salary £36.86 - £38.90 per hour
Job Purpose:
To assist people to resolve major difficulties in their lives and to enhance their independence and coping skills.
To work within current legislation and Council policy, procedures and practice to assess, commission and review services, including planned interventions, for a specific client group.
To work within the statutory guidance and policy/procedural framework to assist in protecting those who are at risk or vulnerable.
To contribute to the development and maintenance of workable systems to ensure quality of service across the city and the identification of people particularly at risk.
To work positively with colleagues in the statutory and independent sector to ensure an appropriate multi-agency approach, and to empower clients to speak for themselves.
Duties and Responsibilities
Job Specific Requirements
Grade 7
1. To review and update knowledge of legal, policy and procedural frameworks and demonstrate professional competence in social work practice as laid down in the Code of Practice for Social Workers.
2. To work with individuals, families, carer groups and communities to help them make informed decisions, enabling them to clarify and express their needs and contribute to service planning.
3. To assist users to enhance their independence and coping skills.
4. To assess needs, risks and options, taking into account legal and other requirements, including child protection and protection of vulnerable adults.
5. To assess, identify, plan, implement and review the circumstances of individuals and their families and the need for procedural and legal intervention to meet their immediate needs.
6. To work actively with carers to identify and meet their support needs.
7. To prepare for and participate in decision-making forums.
8. To manage and prioritise the workload, carry out duties using accountable professional judgement.
9. To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of work, using professional and managerial supervision and support to improve practice.
10. To contribute to the identification and agreement of outcomes required of the service.
11. To work in multidisciplinary and multi organisational teams and contribute to policy review and development of best practice.
12. To work with colleagues to agree a team approach to individual cases.
13. To participate in duty rotas as appropriate.
14. To record unmet or inappropriately met needs in line with Council policy and procedure.
15. To participate in supervision, appraisal and team meetings, identifying issues and possible solutions where discussion and decision required.
16. To work within the budget framework of the service to identify specific packages of care to respond to individual assessments.
17. To record and share client data in line with Council policy and procedure.
18. To use corporate systems to support core business and care management process.
19. To offer specific advice to social workers and other care professionals in areas of specialist knowledge.
Grade 8
Social Workers at this level will be expected to be able to undertake the duties and responsibilities of a Grade 7 Social Worker in addition to the following:-
1. To provide casework supervision to team members below Grade 8.
2. To work independently of direct support e.g. attendance at court, child protection case conferences without the presence of a team manager.
3. To assist in practice development and special projects within the team.
4. To undertake complex and high-risk cases or arrange complex or high value packages of care.
5. To provide consistent guidance to other team members.
6. To complete joint work with less experienced staff or other colleagues in highly complex cases involving the liberty or safety of service users.
7. To provide supervision to students and support other staff with students on placement to ensure good quality placements and development of the workforce.
8. To organise and plan duty rotas as required.
9. To support the Team Manager in the identification of trends on unmet or inappropriately met needs.
10. To contribute to team meetings, service development days and training as appropriate.
11. To work with the Team Manager to ensure team and staff training needs are reviewed annually and contribute to the development of the Service Training Plan.
12. To assist in identifying precise service needs to contribute to the annual service planning and commissioning process.
13. To deputise for the Team Manager in respect of specific duties.

Corporate Requirements
1. To participate actively in supporting the principles and practice of equality of opportunity as stated in the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy.
2. To take reasonable care for the health and safety of yourself and other persons who may be affected by your acts or omissions and to comply with all health and safety legislation as appropriate.
3. To, as a statutory duty, adhere to the Council’s Corporate Safeguarding Policy and associated policies and procedures and to report concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of children or adults at risk. In order to support you in this, you are required to access safeguarding training at the level which is relevant to this post.
4. As a term of your employment you may be required to undertake such other duties and/or times of work as may reasonably be required of you, commensurate with your grade or general level of responsibility within the organisation.
5. Although you will be provided with a base, you will be required to work from various locations in accordance with the needs of the role.