Social Worker Children Safeguarding

Location Liverpool, Liverpool, England
Salary £30.00 - £32.50 per hour
Hold and effectively manage a complex and varied caseload with appropriate supervision, guidance and support, reflecting the function of the team and Children’s Social Care in accordance with policy, procedures, statutory guidance and legislation. 2. Be accountable for complex decision making in relation to allocated cases ensuring professional judgement, evidence based tools, critical reflection and analysis is used to inform this. 3. Identify and assess levels of risk and need in often complex situations, ensuring that the safety and welfare of children is paramount. 4. Undertake work within legislative frameworks including the preparation of written statements and representations to the judiciary at Court hearings. 5. Model critical reflection and evidence based decision making and support others in developing these. 6. Demonstrate the use of a range of social work interventions with children, young people and their families to reduce risk, promote change and produce positive outcomes. 7. Deliver protective and/or supportive services for children at risk, in need and/or looked after. 8. Complete good quality single assessments incorporating robust analysis of risk and needs to inform the child’s care plan. 9. Ensure that children, young people, their families and other carers are fully involved in the process of assessment and care planning and that the views, wishes and feelings of children and young people are sought, recorded and taken into account in decision-making in line with best practice. 10.Ensure assessments and care plans are up-dated regularly to reflect the child’s current needs. 11.Prepare and present good quality, accurate and thorough reports for a variety of purposes e.g. child protection conferences, care planning meetings, reviews, legal gatekeeping etc and submit these within the allocated timescales. 12.Ensure reports are shared with parents/carers and children, who are of an age and level of understanding, prior to meetings. 13. Undertake statutory visits within required timescales and ensure that an accurate and timely record is made of this visit. 14.Undertake work outside of the City Council’s boundary in relation to children placed out of area e.g. statutory visits, attending a range of meetings etc. 15.Be responsible for accurate, sensitive, timely and up to date recording on all cases. 16.Ensure children and young people achieve permanence without delay through effective care planning and completion of required tasks. 17.Ensure young people are prepared for adulthood through effective and timely transition planning involving a range of services and agencies. 18. Communicate skilfully and confidently in complex or high risk situations. 19.Attend and represent the department at a range of multi-disciplinary forums and undertaking the role of Chair as required. 20. Undertake Achieving Best Evidence interviews as required. 21. Undertake direct work with children, young people and their families.