Social Worker -Children Safeguarding

Location Southwark
Salary £25.30 - £28.00 per hour
We are dedicated to high quality relationship-based social work, that is child-centred, family-minded, strengths and evidence-based, outcome-focused and fair. We are looking for outstanding social workers with a passion for direct work, and will support you with training, reflective group supervision, specialist life story resources, clinical advice and support, small teams and caseloads, and administrative support.
Our Children’s Services have been rated ‘good’ by Ofsted for over a decade, and we continue to strive for excellence in our practice and the best possible outcomes for our children and families.
We have a well-embedded practice framework, underpinned by our above principles. We make extensive use of systemic and strengths-based practices, as well as restorative and attachment-informed approaches.
This was noted by Ofsted in 2017 who said “Southwark attracts experienced, high-quality social workers who are keen to work in small units that employ systemic methods…” The model is well resourced and features clinical and group supervision alongside manageable caseloads.
This promotes influential and effective direct work with children and families. The model is enabling a flourishing social work culture in the local authority, equipping social workers to address complex local concerns in this highly diverse community”.
Within the care service we are dedicated ensuring permanence for our children and young people is prioritised.
In 2019 we had a focused visit it was noted ‘Progress has been made since the last inspection in ensuring that permanence is routinely considered when planning for children’. Social Workers will be supported to ensure that all children achieve permanence within the required timescales to ensure that there is no drift.
Social Workers will be expected carry out direct work with their children and young people