Social Worker -Children Looked After

Location West Sussex
Salary £29.00 - £31.50 per hour

Location: Bridge House, Durrington, Worthing
Duty : two days a month but we also provide a back up in case someone is ill or a Covid related absence which is 1 day a month. Duty does not need to be office based.
Essential to be able to drive around West Sussex to fulfil the job requirement.
Caseloads are about 18 children
Team structure is: two teams working with looked after children. We have another team attached who work with asylum seeking children.
About the Team
In the children looked after service there is the opportunity to build relationships with children and young people over a period of time in order to help them settle, make sense and recover from their experiences and look forward to their future. In our service there is an emphasis on the importance of direct work and developing and exercising these skills.
The candidate needs:
- To be an experienced worker with at least 2/3 years CLA experience.
- Recent Front line – child protection work
- Good assessment skills that are able to identify risk
- Direct work with children to be able to identify their needs
- Good multi agency working experience
Recently introduced the Family Safeguarding model and starting to arrange training in motivational interviewing for our perm and agency staff. Unfilled vacancy gap less than 5% so teams well staffed.
Agency staff are treated as part of the service and encouraged to attend transformational and other leadership events