Social Worker -Children Safeguarding

Location Brent
Salary £28.00 - £30.50 per hour
We require agency cover for these two vacant posts due to:
-recent increase in care proceedings cases
-we have reached capacity of 2+ court cases for each social worker currently in post

This role is within the LAC&P service which is responsible for care proceedings and Corporate Parenting functions.

  1. Provide a high quality social work service for children and families in line with statutory requirements and departmental policies and procedures.
  2. Provide high quality child and family assessments in relation to children in need, those who require protection or those who are ‘looked after’ by the local authority.
  3. To prepare reports under supervision of practice assessors and/or qualified social workers to courts to attend court hearings when necessary.
  4. To hold a maximum caseload of 20 cases. To provide effective case plans for all children on your caseload and amend these when necessary. To regularly monitor and review the progress of young people.
    1. Keep up to date and accurate records using the appropriate information technology.
    2. Produce high quality written and verbal reports to a range of professional and legal forums.
    3. Make professional decisions which comply with departmental policies and procedures and contribute to the priorities framework.
    4. Participate in supervision, team meetings and the duty system within your team.
    5. Respond in a clear and courteous manner to enquiries from the public and other agencies by telephone, correspondence or in face to face meetings.
    6. Liaise effectively with relevant external agencies e.g. police, health authority etc. and with relevant colleagues in other divisions and council departments.
    7. Understand and actively implement the council’s Equal Opportunities Policy in professional practice and service delivery.
    8. Assess situations where children are referred as being in need of support, protection, or care provision and take appropriate action based on evidence.
    9. Plan quickly and effectively, involving children and carers as partners in decision making.
    10. Provide effective preventative and support services to enable children to remain with their own families whenever possible.
    11. To provide secure and permanent alternative homes for children who can no longer reside with their birth family. The Social Worker will ensure that the child has clear information about their background and can maintain contact with relatives whenever this is possible.
    12. Participate in relevant training as required by their practice assessor or line manager.
    13. Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility and all employees are required to act in a way that at all times safeguards the health and well-being of children and vulnerable adults.
    14. Carry out duties with due regard to the Council’s Customer Care, Equal Opportunities, Information Governance, Data Protection and Health and Safety policies and procedures.
    15. Undertake any other duties commensurate with the general level of responsibility of this post.
  1. Provide high quality assessments for child in need, child protection or looked after children cases.
  2. Develop clear plans with specific actions and timescales to achieve agreed outcomes.
  3. Monitoring and supervising the progress of our children in line with statutory requirements and local procedures.
  4. To implement agreed care plans.
  5. To prepare children for permanent placements (adoption and long term fostering).
  6. To help young people who will cease to be looked after prepare for independent living.
                                                                                                                                                            Fostering and adoption social workers at PO1 will also be expected to undertake the following duties:

  1. Be responsible for the assessment, supervision, and support of foster carers and prospective adopters when working in fostering and adoption service.
  1. Promote and deliver publicity, marketing and recruitment campaigns to individuals and groups to generate new enquiries from the public to become foster carers (adoption and fostering teams).

Newly qualified social workers (SO2) during their ASYE programme will undertake all of the above duties except that they will hold a maximum caseload of 12 cases of reduced complexity.

                                                                                                                                                               Fostering and adoption social workers at PO1 will also be expected to undertake the following duties: