Social Worker -Children in need

Salary £341.60 - £355.60 per day
To undertake all work in a manner that is responsive to legislative requirements as well as corporate and national priorities • To contribute to the formulation of the Service Plan and to be clear about Team priorities as they relate to the social work role and function. • To prepare for regular supervision and reflective practice consultations concerning casework practice and ensure that work is progressed and completed as agreed. • To contribute to regular individual performance and development consultations and undertake any necessary training and professional learning and development. • To take responsibility for ensuring that all work undertaken in connection with assessment, planning, monitoring and review functions are undertaken in an efficient and effective manner which demonstrates a positive impact and outcome for children, young people and their families. • To strive to achieve and maintain best practice standards in all aspects of the work undertaken and exercise sound professional judgements at all times. • To seek direction, advice, guidance and support whenever necessary and appropriate and to ensure that the Senior Practitioner/Team Manager is notified of any situation concerning risks about the safety or wellbeing of a child. • To be responsive to User’s needs, comments, questions and complaints and co-operate with any investigation or resolution of dissatisfaction at a local level wherever possible. • To consult with the Senior Practitioner/Team Manager on all matters concerning budgets and resources. • To undertake all duties in accordance with the Council’s approach to diversity. • To undertake all duties in accordance with the Council’s approach to health and safety. • To comply with IT requirements in relation to User data, casework records and management security and information so that this accurately reflects the work that is undertaken. • To participate in all Team meetings, activities and initiatives relating to service delivery and developments. Team Specific / Special Accountabilities • To be conversant with operational and practice issues pertaining to the delivery of frontline social work services for children, young people and their Parents/Carers. • To undertake Initial and Core Assessments of children and families in accordance with the Assessment Framework, ensuring that they are completed in a timely manner and include an analysis of the needs and circumstances of each child and family, the desired outcomes to be achieved and the services that are required. • To ensure that every allocated child has an up to date and outcome focused Plan that clearly states the action, responsible professional(s) and agreed time scale for completion. • To ensure that all allocated children are visited, spoken to/communicated with and monitored in accordance with statutory and procedural requirements and in line with best practice standards. • To ensure that all direct work undertaken with children/young people is purposeful, sensitive, respectful and honest. • To ensure that all correspondence and written notes detailing the outcomes and decisions from meetings with children/young people and Parents/Carers are distributed promptly. Role Profile Template 2019 • To prepare and present reports for a range of purposes, including child protection conferences, child looked after reviews and court, and ensures that these are produced to a high quality standard. • To undertake on-going consultation and participation with children/young people, Parents/Carers and other professionals to ascertain their views, wishes and feelings about each child’s Plan and ensure that this is regularly reviewed in accordance with statutory and procedural requirements and in line with best practice standards. • To establish partnerships with Parents/Carers and work together with other professionals and partner agencies to reach agreement about the best way to affect change and secure a positive outcome for each allocated child/young person. • To ensure that all new referrals are brought to the attention of the Senior Practitioner/Team Manager so that management action can be provided in a prompt and timely manner. • In consultation with the Senior Practitioner/Team Manager, Senior Managers, relevant others (e.g. Legal Services) and any appropriate Panels, take direction, guidance and advice about casework planning. • To hold a current driving licence for use within the UK and to have daily access to the use of a car for work purposes as this may assist in undertaking home visits and transporting children. Values, Behaviours and Equaliti